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sALAm..I purposely create this blog to share my artwork and my computer graphic work with evrybdy. As a freelance architectural illustrator,I am honored to have a chance to introduce my specialty.I'm specialized in interior,architectural and landscaping rendering and animation services.There are more collection of my architectural rendering for EVERYONE to explore. If you are interested in my services, please contact me by email: muhidz@gmail.com or muhidz@yahoo.co.uk
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Enclave_a boutique Residence for Hijau Reka Landscape Consultant

IPOH, 31 DIS-Ini project landskap utk a high-end resort oriented residential area. Yang menariknya pasal project nih coz I was not only producing it but also presented it on behalf of Hijau Reka without realizing that among the audience was the daughter of Sultan Azlan Shah.....dua tiga hari lepas tu baru tahu.....sometime better being ignorance.....but not all the time...

Tropical Contemporary Design

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ras al-khaimah Hilton_for ZONE Architect

RAS AL-KHAIMAH, 21 DEC-This is the lastest design of RasAl-Khaimah hilton in UAE after a series of alteration in 2008...the fisrt image is the water playground attached to one side of the hotel building..as you can see it consist of a water sprayground, children's wading pool, wave pool with a waterfall and rockery beyond, a lazy river, bumper boat pool and a children's playground.

Other images show the entrance of the hotel which tries to impress visitors with an european look while the roadside trees create a grand vista while driving towards the building. Next is the landscape treatment for an area dedicated for an asian restaurant...of course the fragrant of frangipani an lily pond enhance the ambience of asian landscape here. The fourth image is the very formal renaissance garden...designed overlooking the sea...the last one is lap pool...designed with respect to a nice scenery of the open sea...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Forest Park @ Denai Alam_for A+R Associate

DENAI ALAM, 18DEC-I really like these three perspectives..the jungle and tropical look of them really fit the vernacular and sustainable architecture of the buildings....the trees really compose all elements together...being a unified landscape scenery....